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  • Upcoming Dates of Interest:
    • June 8-10, Region 8 Congress in Winston-Salem
    • July 20-22, Level 6/7/8 Training Camp at Bull City
  • Contract Expiration Policy: When judges do not send their contracts in for their meets until the last minute (or worse, decline at the last minute) it causes a lot of scrambling and last minute anxiety for the Assigner, Meet Refs and Meet Directors. To try to minimize this in the future, we have agreed to the following change in policy.
    • In the Judge Assigning System (GymJAS), you will see a red flag on any contract that has been outstanding for two (2) weeks.
    • At this point, the Assigner will send a reminder email to you asking you to accept your contract.
    • After one (1) more week, if you have still not accepted your contract, you will be removed from that meet.
  • NEW VOUCHER SYSTEM: For vouchers this year, we will be switching to a model where the Meet Ref prints out the individual vouchers to give to the judges. Each copy of the page has two forms on it, enough for two judges as they only need the single sheet. The Meet Ref will also print off a fee summary sheet. At the meet, the Meet Ref will copy the information from the individual judges' vouchers over to the fee summary sheet. The fee summary sheet will be turned in to the Meet Director, while the vouchers will be returned to the judges as their record of the meet. (Use the above links to see the new sheets. Eventually these links will be moved to the Links & Docs page of this website.)
  • Review of USAG & NAWGJ changes
    • Judges are not required to carpool and no subtraction of 30 miles is required when driving without a carpool. However, judges are reminded to think through the possible effects of not carpooling including the increased costs to Meet Directors.
    • Judges are expected to be at the meet site 30 min before March In, and compensation is now starting at Report Time. However, if a judge is more than 5 minutes late in arriving at the Judge Meeting location, their pay for the day will commence at March-In, NOT Report Time.
  • General Items:
    • There are several tight weekends in the spring. Please make sure your availability is correct so that Cris can backfill when required.
  • Some of our NC judges helping at Training Camp: NC judges

    Some clarifications

    AAU membership code

    Judges must have an AAU membership if they are going to judge an AAU meet. The NC AAU Gymnastics website has the links for AAU membership registration. When you register, make sure that you use WYW8TE as the team code in order to link to the Team North Carolina league. Please make sure to go to the NC AAU website to download any rule updates before arriving at your meet.